Patented optical light source

The Hunter S uses a high-resolution optical DLP module with a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, low heat generation and low maintenance costs.

Image processing technology, combined with multiple algorithms including light intensity uniformity control, distortion correction, and gray compensation, provides stronger light stability
and greater uniformity.


Increased construction volume

The print format is increased by 44% and the build volume by 72%. To meet more and greater requirements for model printing opens a new space for their ideas.

Improved building plate

The sensitive mechanical lock avoids leveling problems.The matte surface achieves the balance between firm adhesion and easy model removal.


Precision spindles

The Hunter S uses more stable double linear guide rails and ball screws with low frictional resistance and high sensitivity to ensure smooth movement and precise positioning.

FLASHFORGE Printer Technical Specifications

Print speed 10-50 mm/h
Build volume 144*81*180mm
Layer height 20-200 um
Pixel size 75µm
Wavelength 405 nm
Connectivity USB/Ethernet/WLAN
Nominal power 84W
Printer dimensions 360*320*6560 mm
Slicing software FlashDLPrint/FlashDental
Language Chinese/English etc.
Touch screen 3.5 inch touchscreen