CoreXY structure for fast production

The Guider 3 contributes to efficient workflow and responds to the rapid
delivery demand of the custom market; The Guider 3 adopts the smoother CoreXY design,
supports high-speed and low-noise printing, which saves printing time, ensures stable printing and provides an efficient printing experience.


More convenient, improved leveling system

As the first step to starting printing, leveling is crucial to the success and quality of the
print. The Guider 3 uses the optimized automatic leveling system to ensure your
leveling process in all directions.

The highly sensitive and inductive proximity sensor used detects and stores the
initial flatness data of the horizontal platform and intelligently compensates the platform height via the Z-axis during the printing process to ensure automatic leveling.

Improved extruder structure and quick shut-off nozzle

The dual gear extruder, which is suitable for various filaments, increases filament
filament feed force by 150% and causes less clogging problems, which is helpful for various
which is helpful for various application requirements. The quick-acting nozzle with multiple diameter options is easy to replace and maintain, and can meet various application requirements.


FLASHFORGE Printer Technical Specifications

Extruder 1 Connectivity USB hard disk/
Pressure accuracy ±0.15 mm or
0.002 mm/mm
Certificates CE/FCC/ROHS
Positioning accuracy X/Y axis 0.011 mm/
Z axis 0.0025 mm
Operating temperature 15-30 °C
Layer thickness 0.05 ~ 0.4 mm Compatible operating system Win XP/Vista
/7/8/10,Mac OS
Construction volume 300x250x340 mm Compatible
Slicing Software
(Must be set up)
Nozzle diameter 0.4 (0.4/0.6/0.8) mm Smart Touch Screen 4,3″
Nozzle type Stainless steel Print bed Flexible
Steel plate
/Glass plate
Print speed 10~250 mm/s Max. Extruder temperature 320 °C
Max. Platform temperature 110 °C Supported materials ABS/PLA/PC/PA/HIPS/
Power supply AC100-240V/DC24V/20.8A, 500W Dimension (XYZ) 496(L)*436(B)*696(H)mm
Packing 585(L)*530(W)
Slicing Software Flashprint
Data formats Input: 3MF/STL/OBJ/FPP/BMP
Output:GX/G file/Gcode
closed design Leveling assistant
Out of Filament Detection magnetic print bed
Ultra-SilentvDesign Resume last print after power failure
Remote camera monitoring WLAN
Ethernet USB
Air fliter Cloud Platform