Larger construction volume

The build volume is 276 x 155 x 200 mm to better meet the requirements of mass production.


Precise Z-axis control

The Focus 6K XL uses a dual linear guide rail and ball screw, which allows the platform to run more smoothly during printing and effectively eliminates shift lines.

Controlled Photonic Intelligent Production (CPIP) technology

CPIP technology adjusts light intensity by controlling regional light intensity layer by layer
light intensity and then refines the image with pixel compensation using
compensation images to achieve a uniform light intensity distribution on the projection surface
to achieve stable and efficient production of large-format
end-use dental products.

In addition, the subpixel compensation algorithm developed in-house can ensure that the product has a smoother surface quality and more stable printing accuracy.


Intelligent mounting unit

The Focus 6K XL features a double linear guide rail and industrial-grade ball screw to ensure precise, smooth operation and eliminate pressure shift lines.

FLASHFORGE Printer Technical Specifications

Print speed 10-50 mm/h
Construction volume 276*155*200mm
Layer height 50-150 µm(adjustable)
XY resolution 50µm
Wavelength 405 nm
Z-axis Double linear guideway+
Industrial quality recirculating ball screw
Projector screen 12.8″ industrial 6k monochrome screen
Building slab Sandblasting - and drilling platform (Increases adhesion and facilitates drainage).
VAT capacity 2L
Connectivity USB/Ethernet/WLAN
Printer dimensions 415*415*665 mm
Display screen Capacitive 7″ screen
Slicing Software FlashDental
Weight 34kg
Language Chinese, English, etc.