Multiple high resolution options

With resolutions ranging from 23µm-90µm on the X and Y axes, the P4K can easily produce detailed parts as small as 2mm - smaller than two grains of sand - to 230mm - about the size of three credit cards strung together.
The P4K is available in four different models, each using a 4K projector. Distributing these pixels across four different sized build plates allows for four different native pixel sizes (XY resolution): 35, 62, 75 and 90 um.

In addition to the native high resolution options, the P4K utilizes many additional features to further improve accuracy. The use of industrial DLP chips (as opposed to cheaper consumer chips) and specially designed optics ensure high contrast and minimal distortion of the projected image, resulting in accuracy down to the micron level.

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Designed for 24/7 production

Designed for a 24/7 production environment, the P4K offers the ability to operate in "lights-out" mode with little to no user intervention. Effortlessly print parts in high volumes with the quality, surface finish and tolerances required for end-use applications.
The P4K puts you in control of your manufacturing workflow with automatic job queuing managed by an integrated processor and automatic job completion alerts to minimize printer downtime. To further reduce downtime, the build plate can be quickly replaced so a new job can be started just minutes after a print is complete.

The P4K is equipped with ETEC software and is perfect for remote enterprise use. A dashboard lets you send jobs to multiple devices around the world and easily monitor print progress, job status, number of shifts and more. With excellent reliability, the P4K is designed for lights-out operation.

Easy to use

Designed for ease of use, the P4K features intuitive software and simple material changes so users can focus more on creating optimized parts and less on managing their hardware.
Easy-to-use EnvisionOne RP software automates all parts of the printing process, including support structure creation and part alignment, while a fully integrated file repair tool touches up STL data and prepares parts for printing. Easy over-the-air updates for software and firmware ensure users have access to the latest tools and printing processes.
Easy material changeover in less than two minutes allows users to produce a variety of parts with properties tailored to different applications, and excess material can be stored for months, helping users achieve further cost savings.
With few moving parts and easy access to the printer's optics and electronics, the P4K is designed for ease of maintenance and helps maximize user efficiency by reducing or eliminating downtime.

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ETEC Printer Technical Specifications

D4K P4K Envison One Xtrem8K
Printing technology Digital Light Processing (DLP) Digital Light Processing (DLP) Digital Light Processing (DLP) Top Down Digital Light Processing
Installation space 143x83x110 mm 90x56x180 to 233×141.5×180 mm 180x101x175mm and 180x101x330mm 450x371x399 mm
Model Standard Standard LT, HAT, LT XL, HT XL Standard
XY resolution 25µm with patented Pixel Tuning 25-59µm with patented Pixel Tuning 60µm with patented Pixel Tuning 100µm with patented Pixel Tuning
Z Resolution 25-150µm 25-150µm 50-150µm 100-175µm