Improves the entire process and increases the quality of the components

The filament drying station improves the entire process of 3D printing, ensures the
stable use of filaments throughout the entire workflow, maximizes the uptime of your
of your printer and guarantees high print quality.


Intelligent drying technology

The heating temperature can be up to 120℃, which makes it easy to dry filaments that have absorbed moisture
absorbed moisture to dry and restore the properties of the filaments.

Innovative dry storage

The silica gel desiccant inside ensures long-term storage of the filaments in a dry environment.
dry environment.


Large storage space in drawer form

The drying station has space for 6 rolls of 1 kg filament or 2 rolls of 2.5 kg filament.

FLASHFORGE Printer Technical Specifications

Size (XYZ) incl. rollers Max. Temperature Control range humidity Weight
840*675*600mm(with rollers) 120°C <20% 120kg